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“Mrs. Einstein” opens at the National Theatre in Belgrade at 8:30 pm, June 30, 2022


Dusanka Stojanovic Glid as Mileva Einstein and Gorah Jevtic as Albert Einstein


Director:  Karin Rosnizeck


Playwright:  Snezana Gnjidic


Producers:  Nemanja Konstatinovic and Marija Kovacevic


Stage Manager:  Milos Obrenovic


Prompter:  Ljubica Rakovic


Assistant Director:  Luka Jovanov



D.C. Theatre Scene Profile

In this media profile by Keith Loria of DC Theatre Scene, Karin Rosnizeck discusses her vision of an internationally-oriented theater and why she started ExPats Theatre.

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Kojo Nnadmdi Interview (WAMU)

In her interview with Kojo Nnamdi of WAMU radio, Karin outlines why D.C. needs more theatrical productions that improve intercultural understanding and her goals with ExPats Theatre. You can listen to the audio below or read the transcript here at https://thekojonnamdishow.org/shows/2019-09-24/ex-pats-theatre-company

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Expats Theatre Founder Karin Rosnizeck is a theatre artist who has performed in numerous shows around D.C. With ExPats, she has directed Surfacing, Einstein’s Wife, Pankrac ’45, and Christmas Eve. Karin has translated several German language plays into English and brought several contemporary international plays to DC. Before coming to the US, she worked for more than a decade in transatlantic relations and cross-cultural dialogue. She holds an M.A. in American/English and French Literature from the University of Stuttgart in Germany. In 2021, she was named by DC Metro Theater Arts as one of DC’s top performers for her role in Pankrac ’45.

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