“The Sculptress” by Playwright Marilyn Millstone


This Zoom reading dealt with the life of the extraordinarily gifted artist Camille Claudel, once student and lover of famed French sculptor Auguste Rodin. It starts with Camille as an older woman “imprisoned” in a mental institution where she has spent the last 30 years. She is visited by Spanish painter Remedios Varos who is sent by Camille’s brother Paul and has a plan to get her out. It is an intriguing semi-historical play about the power of friendship, the fine line between eccentricity and madness, and the passions that fuel the creation of great art.


Featured Laura Candela as Remedios, Sasha Olinick as Paul, and Karin Rosnizeck as Camille, with stage directions by Yvonne Paretzky.


Performed May 4, 2022 in partnership with the National Museum of Women in the Arts.






Scenes from “The Sculptress”